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In accordance with Act 6. of the Moorish Divine Constitution & Bylaws, with us all members must proclaim their nationality, because according to all true and divine records of the human race there is no negro, black, or colored race attached to the human family, because what your ancient forefathers were, you are today without doubt or contradiction; and, there is no one who is able to change man from the descendant nature of his forefathers; unless his power extends beyond the great universal Creator Allah Himself...

Membership Application

You may proceed with our member registration at the Home Office here. Upon submitting your registration the following is required:

  • Required fee(s) provided on registration;

  • Passport id photo;

  • Copy of identification (i.e. state id or passport); 

  • New registrants must attend a lawful Temple in person to identify your nationality, and hear a reading of the Divine Constitution & ByLaws.

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